Day 1 (09 November 2020)


Title: The Correlation between Inferior Vena Cava Diameter Measured by Ultrasonography and Central Venous Pressure

Authors: Hans Vaish, Virendra Kumar, Rama Anand, Viswas Chhapola, Sandeep Kumar Kanwal

Title: Assessment of Knowledge and Practice About Self Expressed Breast Milk Among Saudi Mothers in Jazan Region, KSA, 2016

Authors: Qutah Karimah, Alsaleem Safar, Alnajmi Abdullah, Zabbani Meteb

Title: Early Diagnosis and Successful Treatment of Congenital Huge Hydrometrocolpos Secondary to Low Transverse Vaginal Septum with Obstructive Symptoms

Authors: Zerubabel Tegegne, Zelalem Ayichew, Mequanint Melesse

Title: Long-Term Outcomes of Health Status of Children Born with Congenital Infection

Authors: Garayeva S.Z., Mammadova A.A., Hasanguliyeva G.M.

Title: Childhood aphasia: A case study in Algerian clinical environment

Authors: Nadia Sam

Title: Combination of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus LGG, Vitamin D3 and Zn in Preventing Atopic Dermatitis in Infancy

Authors: Zorica Zivkovic, Vesna Vekovic, Ivana Djuric, Olivera Ostojic

Title: Bladder lithiasis of the child revealed by a rectal prolapse

Authors: Ondima LIP, Ondongo Atipo M, Ondziel Opara SA, Mboutol-Mandavo C, Massamba-Miabaou D,  Moyikoua R, Mawandza PDG, Service YM, , PA Oko, Miguel LM,  Mieret JC, Okiemy Niendet CP, Ossete GC , Odzebe AWS, Bouya AP

Title: Playworlds: A didactical avenue to assist in the development of the mind-material-body development of the young child

Authors: Dedré Victor, Retha van Niekerk

Title: Process of dying in a pediatric intensive care unit

Authors: Alexandra de Oliveira Fernandes Conceição, Priscilla of the Santos Neris de Souza

Title: Leprosy in children under fifteen years old in a Brazilian hyperendemic capital

Authors: Aquino D.M.C., Corrêa R.G.C., Paiva M. F. L & Coutinho N.P.S.

Title: Impact of Altitude-based Hemoglobin Modification on Pediatric Iron Deficiency Anemia Screening

Authors: Sayers D.R., Witkop C.T., Webber B.J.

Title: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) with Lupus Nephritis in a 15 Year-old Male – A Case Report

Authors: Utami, R., Rauf, Syarifuddin

Title: Nest in the cities: For an integrated, multidisciplinary educational approach to support well-families and children in early childhood

Authors: Elisa Serangeli

Title: Changes in the nutritional status of indigenous children under 5 years of age in Paraguay between 2008 and 2016

Authors: Marta Sanabria, Vit Bubak

Day 2 (10 November 2020)

Title: Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

Authors: Sagar A. Jawale

Title: Therapeutic ketosis and the broad field of applications for the ketogenic diet: Ketone ester applications & clinical updates

Authors: Raffaele Pilla

Title: Experiences of parents with neonates in The neonatal intensive care unit at the University Teaching hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

Authors: Wanda H. Mulundu, Margaret C. Maimbolwa

Title: The educational basis for the neuromotor development of the child

Authors: Angela Pellino, Antonio Gravano

Title: Identifying the complex chronic pediatric patient: The PedCom Scale. A pilot study

Authors: Godoy-Molina E, Prieto-delPrado A, Ruiz-Sánchez JM, Cordón-Martínez A, Nuñez Cuadros E.

Title: Wernicke`s Encephalopathy in Anorexia Nervosa

Authors: Alves Pereira C., Ferreira C., Santos E., Casanova T., Santos P.

Title: A morphinuum of theories: Utilizing a mind material body lens to develop the youngchild

Authors: Retha van Niekerk

Title: Vocation in Children's Orthopedics

Authors: Guerrini Alfredo Francisco

Title: The Use of a Digital Tool in Integrated Management of Childhood Illness

Authors: Dorcelina M., Cardoso G.A., Machado F.V., Velasco D.C.T.C., Silva I.C.M., Loureiro L.H., Klippel C.S.C., Pezzi L.H.A., Signorini M.T.

Title: Single-dose Intravenous Ondansetron in Children with Gastroenteritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Authors: Nguyen Ngoc Rang, Ton Quang Chanh, Pham The My, Truong T My Tien

Title: COVID-19 and lung affection in children

Authors: Martínez V., Tovar I., Villarroel M.

Title: Standardization of Early Feeding Skills (EFS) scale in preterm infants

Authors: Abarzúa P. Constanza, Godoy M. Ana, Rubilar P. Mariana, Silva Sch. Maríab, Velásquez Z. Mónica, Bustos M. Luis.

Title: Hypertension Risk from Iron Brake Particulate Matter

Authors: William J. Rowe